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A magnetic compass points the way for a traveler.
Creation Compass points people to the Creator.

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Welcome! to the website of the Creation Compass ministry. Here you will find information about the ministry and resources that will help you. There is information about our seminars, books and tapes that you can order on a printable order form, interesting articles and links to related websites.

Donald E. Chittick holds a Ph. D. in Physical chemistry from Oregon State University, and has taught at the University of Puget Sound and George Fox College. A contributor to several books and periodicals, he has lectured on the creation / evolution topic throughout the past two decades, both in the United States and abroad. As an inventor, he holds several U.S. and foreign patents and is active in the area of alternative fuels.

At the side of many successful men there is a good woman. Donna is always there for Dr. Don.  At each meeting Donna can be found sitting quietly in the back of the church giving Dr. Don the prayer and support which makes his ministry so successful.

For more than thirty years, the Lord has granted the Chitticks the privilege of serving Him in the area of showing the total accuracy of the Holy Bible. Their ministry has centered around Bible and science questions, especially those related to the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis.

At first, Dr. Chittick lectured on creation/evolution topics on the side while he was employed full time as a university professor. Then the ministry opportunities grew rapidly. In 1980, Dr. Chittick resigned his full-time teaching position and began with the help of his wife, Donna, to devote full time to giving seminars.

The ministry continued to grow and there was a need to make various resources available, such as books, audio- and video-tapes. In order to make these resources available, the State of Oregon required a registered business name. The Chitticks registered with the state by adopting the name Creation Compass. Creation Compass is only registered with the State of Oregon. We have not registered with the IRS for tax purposes.


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